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total site 1,226.77 square meters
structureRC, second story building
scopearchitecture zone897.56 square meters
total floor space1,277.63 square meters
(first floor: 780.33 square meters,second floor; 497.30 square meters)

Opening Hours

9:00~17:00(Admission up to 16:30)


on Mondays (closed Tuesday when Monday is a holiday) and on year-end and New Year holidays.

Admission Fee

  Individual Group of 20 or more
General 200 yen 100 yen
Senior high
school students
100 yen 50 yen
Junior high
school students
and younger

Residents of Hakusan city are admitted free of charge on the third Sunday of each month.
By presenting the “Shintai Shogaisha Techo” (Physical Disability Certificate) or “Ryoiku Techo” (Intellectually Disabled Person’s Certificate), the holder and his/her attendant are admitted free of charge.

Guide map

guide map
Permanent Exhibition Room Everyone, from children to adults, can enjoy learning about Haiku and “kigo”, the seasonal terminology used in Haiku. Scrolls written by Chiyojo and other items are also on display.
Haiku Library Browse through books on Chiyojo and the approximately 3000 books on collections of Haiku poems that have been donated.
Audio Visual Room View three videos including “Chiyojo – Her Life with the Seasons”.
Japanese style Room (Oe),
Japanese style Room (Nakanoma),
Japanese style Room (Okunoma)
A Japanese-style tatami room with a view of the garden, which can be used for relaxation or for gatherings of Haiku poets.
Museum Shop Shop for books and items concerning Chiyojo, and specialties of Hakusan city.
Temporary Exhibition Room Haiku by poets of Hakusan city and other works are on display.
Seminar Room A lecture room with a seating capacity of 100. It can also be used for gatherings of Haiku poets.