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Operation and Management of the Haiku Submission System

Haiku Submission

This site was established for the advancement of Haiku literature.
Both Japanese and English submissions are accepted (separate web page).
Submissions can be made from your personal computer or mobile phone.

Rules for English Haiku

1.The Haiku must be written in three lines.
2.A seasonal term or an expression that shows the changes brought about by the movements of the planet will be incorporated in the verse.

Rules for Haiku Submission

The Haiku submission corner has been established to promote exchange among Haiku enthusiasts by exhibiting works that have been submitted.
With submission of the Haiku work, it is understood that Hakusan city has been provided with the right to its publication. It is also agreed by the author that the work may be displayed on this website as well as in publications and other materials published by Hakusan city.

1.The number of Haiku that can be submitted in one day will be limited to 10 per person.
2.It is recommended that the submission be a seasonal Haiku in the 5-7-5 pattern.
3.The following submissions will not be displayed.
(a) Works that have already been made public
(b) Works that are offensive to public order and morals
(c) Works that defame other people or countries
(d) Works believed to attack this website
(e) Works that are clearly not Haiku

Haiku Pen Name

The Haiku will be submitted under a pen name.
The country or area of residence and e-mail address of the Haiku author must be indicated for personal identification.

Confirmation of the Haiku

The author can confirm his/her haiku submission at the time of submission on a separate webpage from the exhibit webpage.

Exhibition Period

The submitted Haiku will be displayed for a period of three months. Previous submissions will be available for viewing for one year.